Fontani has an ancient history of artisan excellence behind it, born in 1953 on the Tuscan hills, in a small tailoring workshop. Thanks to the recognized success of its products, it transformed from a simple workshop into a company in 1982.

The Fontani brand imposes itself on the Italian territory with its outerwear, and with stubbornness and initiative in the 90s it also looked towards the foreign market: Europe, Russia, Japan and the United States and Arab countries.

Today the Fontani brand is synonymous with craftsmanship, stylistic research, originality and innovation 100% Made in Italy.

Made in Italy

Craftsmanship Made in Italy

Fontani is an Italian brand that has its roots in the wisdom of the high craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

The meticulous selection of fabrics, the tailoring care and the precious details distinguish the Fontani brand, which for over 50 years has been creating outerwear in leather, fur and fabric with original, unique and quality fur inserts.

The control of the production process and a highly specialized workforce, as well as the custodian of a centuries-old tradition, guarantee the creation of a high-end product full of the value that only a production district like the Tuscan one can provide.


The Fontani woman is proudly and openly independent.

Elegant and flawless, she does not deny her origins: classic, elegant and enterprising. The Fontani woman dresses her time and transforms it into precious unforgettable moments.

Smart luxury is the new claim, to experience the luxury of a material and a garment by immersing it in the everyday life of a woman who loves every moment of her life: work, friends, family and free time.

Craftsmanship, unique design and a sense of style.